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Isaac Nho

Isaac Nho

Asistant Director, Digital/Social Media Strategy

Isaac got his start in media as a fashion blogger covering men’s fashion in the one and only New York City. While the writing team was small, he worked with a fashion conscious group and with creative flexibility to develop a variety of dynamic content; ranging from interviews with local fashionites to covering events in and around the city.

After a few years covering men’s fashion, Isaac took his talents to the non-profit sector, working closely with a growing, local community and religious centers in Englewood, NJ. There as a media specialist, he further developed an acute understanding of social media strategies while learning to research and utilize new forms of media.

Often working within the constraints of a small budget and a volunteer staff, Isaac helped develop an effective online presence through social media and live productions. “Doing more with less” was a constant theme while working with local non-profit organizations. This lead to picking up new skills and a new found love, content creation. Covering community events behind the camera, Isaac produced interviews, monthly discussion panels, and promo videos.

Additionally, Isaac developed and implemented multiple social media strategies that not only improved the overall digital presence of the organizations, but also established a flourishing and highly engaged community. The staffs are now self-sufficient and proficient in maintaining and executing a strict publishing calendar with a steady frequency to keep engagement up while also listening to the inquiries, concerns, and comments of the community. Response is critical, and the teams are adept at responding in a timely fashion.

Isaac found that the use of live streaming in particular helped to bolster the overall social media presence as well as provide a rigid and scheduled form of fresh content that the community became accustomed to with anticipation. The high levels of involvement from the online community to ‘tune in’ every Friday have also provided an additional platform for the pastors and organizations to voice their news, teach, or hold live Q and A's.

His current role at the PM Group is to develop and lead the digital team (in particular social media), with comprehensive and exciting strategies that deliver. Moreover, Isaac’s passion for staying on top of trends and best practices within the social media industry continue to serve him well in the inception of said plans.

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